Corvette Clocks & Instrumentation

"By Mike Poirier"

The purpose of this web site is to provide the Corvette enthusiast and hobbyist with information on this particular aspect of the restoration hobby. The information found at this site deals mostly with "older" Corvettes, 1953 to 1982. Over the twenty-five some years that I have been restoring and rebuilding Corvette clocks, instruments, wiper motors and headlight motors, I have gained a great amount of knowledge and information from books, magazine articles, on the job training, and from other enthusiast that I would like to pass on to anyone interested. I hope that you will find this information informative and enjoyable. Note, all Hyperlinks are in blue, click to find more info.

This web site will grow as I receive more information and request from enthusiast such as yourself. Let me know what information you need and I'll try to incorporate it here. - Mike Poirier

NOTICE: Information contained on this site is provided for general use only. Every attempt was made from reliable resources to verify information for correctness. Do not use this information as matter of fact. It would be appreciated that incorrect information be brought to my attention. Thank you.