1953 to 1958 Small Gauges. . . . . . .

‘58 Fuel  -  Temp Gauges

‘58 Battery  -  Oil Gauges

‘58 Temp  -  Fuel Gauges -Back View

‘58 Oil  -  Battery Gauges - Back View

‘53/’58 Temp Gauge

‘53/’58 Fuel Gauge

‘53/’58 Oil Gauge

‘53/’58 Battery Gauge

‘53/’57 - ‘58/’62 Mounting Can Tab Positions

The examples on the left are showing the difference in the mounting tabs on the ‘53 to 62 gauge “cans”. The top photo depicts a ‘53 to ‘57 fuel & temp can. Note the longer tab. The lower photo is a fuel & temp can used on ‘58 to ‘62 Corvettes. The battery/oil can have similar differences with the mounting tabs.

Story is that the ‘53 to ‘57 gauge cans are not interchangeable with the ‘58 to ‘62 cans.

See Cautions and Electrical Hook-up on 1959 to 1962 Small Gauge Page

1953 to 1955 Corvette Small Gauge “Cans”


The 1953 to 1955 small gauge holders, “cans”, are unique to these years. Both the oil & temp. gauge use a square cut hole in the can to route the tubes to the engine for oil pressure & temperature readings. At first glance, both cans look the same. On close examination, the mounting tabs are different. If this isn’t noted when gauges are taken out it may cause a problem on re-installation. The photo below notes the difference in the tab location to make sure you get the right gauges into the right can.

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