Solid Axle Corvette Clocks. . . . .

The Solid Axle" Corvette clocks cover the years 1953 thru 1962 and are broken down into three groups. The clocks for the various years are pictured below:

1953 thru 1955

Clock has a heavy chrome bezel that is held in place by sheet metal bezel which is crimped to hold the front of the clock in place. An outer plastic lens was install convexly. An inner plastic face with white"glow" numbers and markings was used. The same chrome knob was used for these three years

1956 thru 1957

This is basically the same clock as the previous years with some minor changes. The chrome bezel for these clocks looks the same as 53/55 but is made different. They are not interchangeable. The lens and face are the same. The chrome knob was changed (see above) for these two years.

53/55 Knob

56/57 Knob

1958 thru 1962

Clock has a chrome bezel that is crimped over to hold on a flat plastic face with pale green "glow" numbers and markings. A new heavier chrome knob was used for all these years. The inner bezels were semi-flat black in color.

‘58 Knob

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