Corvette Glove Box Doors. . . . .

This page is going to concentrate on the 1963 to 1967 Sting Ray Corvette glove box doors. There were three groups of doors in these Corvettes.

1963:  For only this year, the glove box door was made of fiberglass. Due to aging, the front clear plastic of the glove box is prone to cracking and yellowing. New doors are available as a reproduction and the front plastic is also available.

1964 to 1965:  These doors were made with a chrome pot metal frame, a sheet aluminum back, and a brushed aluminum front insert. This insert is very prone to dings and scratches. Once the brushed face gets a scratch, it's virtually impossible to remove the scratch without changing the brush finish. Kits are available to change the insert but great care must be taken when drilling the old "rivets" out. Without a drill press it's very easy to drill right through the frame. The 64/65 script on the insert face is unique to these two years. The door back does not have a tire pressure sticker as the 66/67 door does.

1966 to 1967: These doors were made the same as the 64/65 with a couple of small changes. The 66/67 script of the insert face is more straight up and down as compared to the flowing letters of the 64/65. Also a tire pressure sticker was added to both the 66 & 67 door back. Each sticker being different. Finish on these doors is a semi-flat black.

Restoration: As stated above, kits are available to restore the brushed aluminum plate insert on the 1964 thru 1967 doors. Originally these doors were put together with a stud that was part of the backside of the pot metal door. After the insert and back aluminum cover were in place, these studs were peened over by a machine process. It is near impossible to reproduce this process in this restoration. The next best this is to drill out this stud and install a button head machine screw. This looks very much like the peened stud of the original. Great care must be taken when drilling and tapping. A drill press should be used to prevent drilling through the front of the door. These button head screws are installed with and "allen" wrench which makes it very easy to replace the aluminum insert in the future if the need be.

After tapping and disassembly, strip the paint from the door and back cover plate. Tape off chrome edging and refinish with Krylon semi-flat black paint. This is almost a perfect match for the original color. Refinish the door back with the same semi-flat black paint. I also paint the back of the new aluminum insert around the edges as part of this will show when door is assembled.

If the corvette script on the front is still in good shape, it can be reused. If not, reproductions are available. After disassembly of the door components, grind off the peened studs on the back of the script. Carefully using an epoxy adhesive on the backside, glue the script to the new insert plate.

Assemble the three door parts using button head machine screws. Then paint the heads of these screws using a small artist brush.

'66 Tire Pressure Sticker

'67 Tire Pressure Sticker

1966 - 1967 Glove Box Door

'64 - '65 Glove Box Door Script

'66 - '67 Glove Box Door Script

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