Corvette Speedo/Tach Pointers. . . . .

1953 thru 1958 Tachometer Needle Pointer tip painted flat white

1953 thru 1957 Speedometer Needle Pointer tip painted flat white

1959 thru 1962 Tachometer Needle Pointer painted pale green

1958 thru 1962 Speedometer Needle. The '58 pointer is different in as the shaft has to be longer to accommodate the inner speedo lens. Pointer painted pale green

1963 thru 1977 Speedometer & Tachometer Needles

'63/'64 Speedo/Tach Needle

'65/'67 Speedo/Tach Needle

'68/'77 Speedo/Tach Needle

1978 thru 1980 Speedometer & Tachometer Needles

The same pointer was used on both the Speedo & Tach Pointer is flat white with a black circular attachment point

1953 thru 1962 Speedometer & Tachometer Needles

All four pointers pictured here are first painted with a flat white undercoat (used to reflect the topcoat) followed with a topcoat of fluorescent glowing red/orange.

‘67 Special Speed Warning Tach & Speedo Needle

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