As with most everything with the new Stingray, the wiper motor changed drastically. The windshield washer pump was now part of the two speed motor. Electrical connections also increased. There are two part numbers for this series of Corvettes which can be found on the end of the "can" that covers the armature. The correct motor for 63/64 is #5044518 and for 65 thru 67 it's #5044602. The wiper motor for mid-60's Chevrolet passenger cars is very similar and will fit and work but is not the same. One of the differences between the "518" and "602" motor is evident with the plastic distribution valve on the washer pump (see photo). The valve in the large photo below is a reproduction valve.

'63/'67 Wiper Motor

The 63/64 washer valve assembly  is a one piece unit   Rebuild kits are not available for these valves

The 65/67 washer valve assembly is a two piece unit. Rebuild kits are available for these valves which can also be used on the 63/64

As with all Corvette parts and components, the wiper motor changes were made over the years to improve the operation and reliability of that electric motor that helps to keep our windshields clear. The following is a list of part numbers and characteristics of the wiper motors of older Corvettes.

1953/1955: The first wiper motors used on the 6 cylinder Corvettes were of the vacuum type until the V-8 came out in mid 1955. The part numbers for these using are as follows: 1953/1955 6 cylinder 3706280  -  1955 (12 volt) electric motor 5047799

1956/1962: This set of wiper motors are very similar in appearance to the previous motors and very similar among themselves. There are a number of differences beyond the part numbers. It should be noted that many Chevrolet passenger car and truck wiper motors will work in a Corvette, but there were physical differences including part numbers. Non Corvette wiper motors had a grounding wire riveted to the left mounting arm. (See photo) 56/57 Corvettes had a ground wire that ran from the driver's side of the mounting plate to a lower cowl boat. 58/62 ran a ground wire from the passenger side of the mounting plate to the valve cover.

Part numbers are found on the front cover:

1956 - Early - 5047799

1956 - Late - 5047924

Notes: Front cover has no plastic actuator switch, uses a flat metal slide. Access to the back side upper left cover attaching screw is thru a hole in the mounting arm.

1957 - early - 5047984

Dec. '57/latter - 5047991

Notes: 5047984 motor same as '56 motors. 5047991 changed to a slow park wiper motor with internal changes.

1958 to early 1962 - 5044266 - new internal contact switch design.

1962 - 5044479 - final design of solid axle wiper motors. The changes included plastic coated internal wiring and Phillips screws were used on the actuator stand.

'61/'62 Wiper Motor

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‘68 - Up Wiper Motors

How to Spot a Non-Corvette Mid-Year Wiper Motor

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